ALilFoxz, Ashley, is best known for her live streams on Twitch.tv where she brings her viewers a delightful mix of off-color humor, creativity, and real-world discussions about the oddities of life. 

Born and raised in Florida, Ashley was creative but a little awkward and very shy. She had a passion for art and pursued that to college. This eventually led her to a career in marketing and new people who opened her eyes to the world of live streaming video games. After months and much hesitation, Ashley fearfully pressed the “Start Streaming” button on OBS and aLilFoxz was born. Since then she has been cultivating a community that is warm, welcoming, and has a great appetite for haphazard streams that are as much “twitchfail” as they are majestic.


Born on Oct 7, in a year we shall not name, Ashley was born. Her earliest days entailed sitting in buckets of live shrimp, drawing persistently, running in the woods barefoot, and later, binge playing The Sims.

The eldest of two brothers and one seester, she spent her later years paving the way, making sure that nothing they did could stress her parents out comparatively. Ashley went to an art college and graduated with a BFA in Graphic and Interactive communications. This led to her first career-focused job at a very busy design and print agency. For one year, she learned the ins and outs of this trade until finally her creativity was spent. An opportunity to switch to a marketing career presented itself and Ashley never looked back. A little while later she met some work friends who opened her eyes to Twitch. Their names were Dan and Jesus. “Yes, I can literally say that Jesus spoke to me and told me I needed to start streaming, haha. I think it was because I said so many absurd things randomly during the day.”

ALilFoxz’s streaming career officially started on February 8th, 2016. Ashley has progressed from streaming on a potato, a 6 year old desktop Mac, to a full stream setup with professional equipment. And the rest is history! You can now find her broadcasting regularly and you never know what you will get. Sometimes she’s jumping out of cardboard boxes, other times talking about the perfect dick pic, or even decked out in a full cosplay she created.