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Ori and the Blind Forest: Controls

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The game Ori and The Blind Forest has three sets of predetermined control styles. These control styles are: controller, keyboard, and keyboard and mouse. Using a controller is by far the most fluid and convenient way to play as you progress through the levels. As more abilities are added, the keyboard style becomes increasingly hard to work with. Images below.

Xbox Controller *Recommended Keyboard Keyboard & Mouse
Left Trigger: Charge Button ESC: Main Menu ESC: Main Menu
Right Trigger: Grab/Glide Tab: Map Tab: Map
Left Bumper: Light Burst Shift: Grab/Glide Shift: Grab/Glide
Right Bumper: Dash CTRL: Dash CTRL: Dash
Left Stick: Move Ori All Arrows: Move Ori WASD: Move Ori
Back: Map Up Arrow: Charge Jump W: Charge Jump
Start: Main Menu Down Arrow: Stomp S: Stomp
D-pad: Navigate Menu WASD: Navigate Menu  E: Soul Link
Y: Bash E: Soul Link R: Light Burst
X: Spirit Flame R: Light Burst Space: Jump
B: Soul Link X: Spirit Flame Mouse 1: Spirit Flame
A: Jump C: Bash Mouse 2: Bash
Space: Jump All Arrows: Navigate Menu

Note: Some of these abilities do not work until you have learned them. Dash, for instance, needs to be earned with ability points and completing in game tasks.


Xbox Controller Settings

ori and the blind forest xbox controller

Keyboard Settings

ori and the blind forest keyboard controls

Keyboard and Mouse Settings

This is what I use because I am insane.

ori and the blind forest keyboard and mouse contorls

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